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Guide to moving kitchen appliances

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    One of the more difficult things to do, when relocating, is moving kitchen appliances. These items are usually quite heavy and bulky and can be quite sensitive. The absolute best way to go about it is to simply hire one of the moving companies Detroit area to do it for you. But even if you do go that route, there are still things you want to do in order to better prepare them for transport. Every appliance has some special considerations and this article is going to provide you with the necessary knowledge for their relocation.

    Moving kitchen appliances – Tips and tricks

    This is what you need to know when relocating your kitchen appliances:

    • Gather cleaning supplies and clean everything thoroughly
    • Prepare your kitchen appliances for moving – Oven
    • How to prepare and move a washing machine?
    • Moving kitchen appliances – Dishwasher
    • Refrigerator and freezer
    • Hire professionals
    Clean all kitchen appliances before the move.

    Gather cleaning supplies and clean everything thoroughly

    The first thing to do is to make sure that your appliances are pristine. All of these are used on a regular basis and can get dirty quite fast. What you need to do is gather all the necessary cleaning supplies before you start tackling them one by one. Every appliance will need different cleaning agents so apply those which will have the maximum effect.

    Before you can have your residential movers transport them, you want your items to be as clean as possible. This is a task that may take quite a bit of your time, or none at all, depending on the state of the appliances in question. For example, if I was living alone my appliances would need a lot of work for relocation. But many people keep them clean on a regular basis so they will not spend too much time cleaning them for transport.

    Prepare your kitchen appliances for moving – Oven

    The oven has few unique considerations. First off, it is usually connected to a wall so some disassembly will be required. You can do it on your own if you know what you are doing, but to be on the safe side you can also contact a professional electrician to do it for you.

    If doing it on your own, you will want to start things off by switching the oven off at the wall. Then remove the plug and find the attached gas line. Before you remove the gas line, you will want to switch off the main valve first. Usually, the main valve is next to the point where the gas line itself connects to the wall. If it is not there, it should be somewhere close-by.

    After that, if your oven has any detachable parts now is the time to remove them. Things like inner shelves and the hob grades count as detachable. Just make sure that they are quite cool before you attempt the detaching. Before packing these in a box, cover them with some towels or any other protective sheathing.

    Disassemble your oven before the move.

    For the transport of the oven, you might want to get a moving dolly as the oven is usually quite heavy and difficult to move on your own. Place the dolly beneath the oven then lift and slide the oven out of its wall space. You will also want to have a second person keeping the oven’s back steady or you might cause some damage to your flooring.

    How to prepare and move a washing machine?

    The best way to transport a washing machine is in its original packaging. However, most people do not have this luxury and will need an alternative. If you hire some of the specialized moving services, they will come with the proper packaging. If you have an expensive washing machine, ensuring its safety might be worth the added cost.

    But if you want to do it by yourself, you will start by turning off the wall plug and removing it from the wall. After that, coil up the cord and attach it to the washing machine utilizing tape or similar measure. Next, turn all the water valves in the clockwise direction to shut the water supply off. This may produce some water from the washing machine so be ready to mop it up.

    Now comes the tricky part. Locate the screws that attach the hose to the washing machine. You want to turn them anticlockwise before pulling out the hose. After the hose is off, point it towards a nearby bucket and hold it there until all the water drains out.

    Again, slide the washing machine on a moving dolly to transport it. Always keep the washing machine upright when moving it.

    Moving kitchen appliances – Dishwasher

    The main thing to remember about the dishwasher is that it needs to be empty before transport. Never think “it will all be fine” and leave something in it.

    Before transport run the dishwasher on a clean wash. Take out any baskets or shelves that are inside. If your dishwasher is embedded into your kitchen, locate and remove the screws or bolts before you try to move it. Turn the dishwasher off first, of course.

    Once all that is done, simply slide it on the dolly and it will be ready for transport.

    Empty the dishwasher in advance.

    Refrigerator and freezer

    You will want to, of course, empty the fridge and the freezer before transport. Also, make sure that you defrost the freezer parts for around eight hours before anything else. Leave a towel out to soak up any water that might spill.

    After that, turn the appliances off and unplug them. Coil and tape the wire to the fridge/freezer. In order to secure the doors, you may want to utilize a bungee-cord instead of the tape. This is to ensure that the finish on the fridge will not be damaged.

    If you are carrying the fridge over the stairs, you will need at least one more person to help you. While transporting it, you will want to lay it on the side that does not have any door hinges. Never lay it on its back, it may seriously damage it.

    Hire professionals

    Finally, if you don’t really want to go through all the trouble of moving kitchen appliances on your own, you can seek professional assistance. This way, you will be able to focus your efforts on something else and be sure that your kitchen appliances will be safe and sound. If you want to hear more about the moving services, you can always contact us at High Quality Moving Company and ask for anything moving-related. We will always be happy to hear from you. Happy moving!

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