How to pack clothes for moving

Making sure you do a great job when you start to pack clothes for moving is not easy. There are many things you need to take care of. So, you must plan this part of the move the right way. If you know just what you are doing, you will have nothing to worry about. Make sure you know what to do, hire one of the best moving companies, like High Quality Moving Company and you will do more than fine. Your clothes will be safely relocated to your new home in no time this way. You just need to remember that everything will be packed the right way if you have patience and all the supplies that you need.

Clothes are easy to pack

Luckily for you, there is almost no way for you to damage your clothes while relocating it. You will be able to deal with this part of your move-in no time. If you have at least some knowledge on the best way to do this. There are many different packing hacks for this part of the move, and you will get the best ones if you give yourself some time to learn. Even if you need to move really fast and really soon, you can, and once you are ready, you can just contact same day movers Detroit offers, and everything will be more than fine. This will be a part of your relocation you won’t have to worry about for a minute.

clothes on the hangers
Packing clothes is not hard at all, you just need a couple of tricks!

Make sure you only move what you need

When it comes to making sure that you will get relocated to the right time and without to hight moving costs, you need to declutter. This is a great decision, for many reasons. First of all, you won’t have to do it later, once you get to your new home. You will be just fine if you do it before you start since you will avoid dealing with all these clothes later on. Your residential movers Detroit MI will have less work to do as well, and that is great news since your move will cost you less this way. Once you understand that it’s much more practical to deal with this problem by simply getting rid of every item you haven’t worn for a year, or you just don’t like anymore, the faster you will be done with this part of your move.

You might be wondering- How do you declutter your clothes? It’s simple, you just need to make sure you divide it to the piles of clothes you will move, the pile you will store and the pile you don’t need anymore. This one can be donated or given away to your friends and family, the choice is yours, but the important thing is- you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Get the packing supplies

An essential part of every relocation definitely is getting the packing supplies. This is the first thing you should do after you are done decluttering. You should get all the packing supplies Detroit as soon as possible, so you can start to pack clothes for moving. Clothes are specific for packing and moving for a few reasons, but the main one definitely is- you don’t really need to fold it or protect it. You can simply fold them and they will be more than fine! This is why some of the moving supplies you will need are:

  • Moving boxes
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Trash bags
  • Vacuum bags

With these packing supplies, you can be sure that everything will be done without any issues. But, you must remember that decluttering is still the most important part of your relocation. Once you deal with it, you can start packing the rest.

a moving box
You need the right packing supplies and you can be sure that everything is packed safely

Time to actually pack your clothes for moving

You should make sure your belongings are being packed the right way. So, you can be sure that they won’t get damaged during the relocation. Luckily, clothes are resilient and they won’t get damaged in the process. This is not something that should encourage you to pack your belongings without any care at all. You still need to make sure you do a good job. Clothes are lightweight as well, and you can pack them in large boxes, you will be able to lift them up. This way, you will move without having to go back many times to pick up a box as well.

Winter and summer clothes

If it’s summer or spring, and you need to pack clothes for moving, get a vacuum bag and fill it with the winter clothes. The same goes for summer clothes in the winter. Use your vacuum cleaner to extract the air from each one and you will do just fine. This is not hard to do. These bags are specially made for this, and you will do it in no time. Your Michigan local movers might have a hard time lifting them up because they can be pretty heavy once you fill them up, so warn them before they lift. You will get your belongings moved like this in no time. The clothes you are wearing everyday need to be packed carefully so you don’t have to iron them later on. Carefully fold each one and place them in a moving box. You will do a great job.

Shoes and accessories

These can be packed in a moving box as well. Take a look at all of them. Choose a box that you believe will fit them all, without leaving too much space. This way, you will do just fine. There is nothing to worry about. But if you still feel like something might get damaged this way, you should get a blanket and wrap everything up.

a shoe
You need to pack your shoes and accessories as well

Clothes on the hangers

Everyone has clothes that he keeps on the hangers. This is why it’s complicated to remove them from the hangers, and then hang them back on in your new home. Take care of it by getting all the clothes that are hanging and place them in a trash bag, with the hooks emerging from the bottom of the bag. This way, you can pick them up and move, and you won’t get them dirty in the process.

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