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Our company is in full compliance with the CDC and WHO recommendations when it comes to any and all needs that are related to moving, packing, and storage. To maintain the health and safety of employees and customers during this state of an emergency, we:
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• Communicate with our employees transparently.
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• Ventilate the working spaces on a regular basis, as much as possible.
• Frequently disinfect often-touched surfaces (door handles, break room areas, restroom surfaces, countertops).
• Clean and sanitize moving trucks after every finished job.
Given the fluidity of this crisis, there are many uncertainties and factors outside of our control that may, with little or no advance notice, impact our delivery of moving & packing services. Please be aware the current crisis could potentially result in small inconveniences such as a delayed project start time or significant inconveniences such as the complete rescheduling of our services.
High Quality Moving Company adheres to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials so that everyone would remain safe and healthy during the coronavirus crisis.
We will inform our clients of any possible changes in our work and you are welcome to contact us for any additional information. In the meantime, we pray and hope for a quick end to this entire situation and are at your disposal for any questions or concerns that you might have.
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Tips for packing your closet when moving

Packing might be one of the toughest, most exhausting parts of every move. With so much to think about, you can easily get lost in what you need to do. However, there are many “shortcuts” you can take. For example, if you are smart about packing your closet when moving, then you might be able to avoid having to iron every single item once the moving is done. In order to achieve this, though, you will need some professional moving help. But then again, you are in luck, because High Quality Moving Company is here for you. In this article, we will show you how to pack your clothes for the move, and do it like a true professional. Keep reading to find out more.

Assess your closet carefully before you start packing it

The first thing you will want to do is an assessment of your closet and all the items inside. Take a look at what you own. How many shoes are there? What about hats, bags, other accessories? Then, move to the tougher part – the shirts, pants, skirts, the things you might have in abundance. If it helps, count them all and write this number down. However, a much better thing will be to simply go through each item and decide what you will take and what you will leave behind.

This way, you will reduce your moving costs in exchange for a little of your time. That’s why it’s a smart choice to dedicate an afternoon for going through your clothes and picking up things you will not want your residential movers Detroit to transport. It will also give you a much better picture of what it is that you own, and what you intend to pick.

clothes on the bed
Carefully go through your closet and decide what you will keep.

When going through your items, you will want to divide them into three piles. The first one will mark what you are keeping with you. The second one will be the donate pile – something you have worn for a while and you don’t think anyone will buy. The third pile, of course, will be the things you can still sell.

There is a simple rule you can follow when making this decision about every item. Just ask yourself when you have worn it last. If it was in the last six months to a year, then you should keep it. If not, then it should go into the two other piles. Of course, depending on the number of items, you might want to change this time frame.

Think about the materials you will use for packing your closet when moving

The next thing you will want to start thinking about is where you will pack all your clothes. This is quite an important step – based on this decision, you will be able to protect your items (or not) from the elements. Moving can be quite dirty, and your clothes can get stained, torn, or ripped. This is why it is essential that you pick the right packing supplies for them.

a tie box
Every item can often have a specialty box for its transportation.

The first on your list is – of course – cardboard boxes. These are a staple of every move and will be useful when packing your closet too. You will use the boxes to pack the clothes you fold. The good thing is that you can find them almost anywhere. The bad news is that you will most likely need to fold your clothes when packing them in boxes. This means you will have to iron them after the move. If there are some items that you should not fold, then you will need to get wardrobe boxes. These are the best solution for clothes on hangers – or those that wrinkle quickly.

What if you do not have boxes?

If you do not have the time to hunt for boxes, there are other stuff you can use too. Most of them, you can even find around the house. For example, suitcases are one of the most common packing supplies when you are working with clothes. They are a low-cost way to pack all your clothing and accessories. They are usually tough and will protect your items from bumps. Conversely, you can pick a duffel bag for your clothes. They are quite spacy and easy to move, so consider adding them to your list. Finally, you can use vacuum bags – although we do not really recommend these, since they can damage your items if they trap moisture within them.

a duffel bag
Duffel bags and suitcases are a great alternative to moving boxes.

You can even get creative and come up with alternative methods for transporting your clothes. Things like hat and shoeboxes and plastic bins can also be quite useful. However, you do not need to stop there. You can also use garment bags, plastic bags, and even simple packing paper.

There are a few more things you should do to protect your clothes even more. For starters, you can keep them on the hangers. This way, you give them just a little more resistance during their trip. You can also pack them up in dresser drawers, and secure the drawers to the dresser. This makes the item heavier, but you cut down the work you need to do. Talk to your Detroit moving services and see if it is a possibility to move your clothes this way. Finally, finish packing your closet when moving by linin up all your containers with packing paper. This will further protect your clothes from any stains and similar damage!

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